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3-Phase Voltage Supply Simulator

by drummerboy123
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May17-10, 09:55 PM
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In the study of power electronics, many tertiary education institutions faced problem in
setting up an electrical lab where experiments are conducted using three-phase voltage
supply. The difficulty arise was mainly owing to student safety factor. Also, the costs for
such experiments are relatively high which further burden the institutions. However, the
understanding of such subject is best enhanced through hands-on experience. Thus,
conducting the course without any hands-on might not be efficient.

One solution to these problems is to simulate the three-phase voltage supply at lower
amplitude and conduct the experiments using low power rated loads. It is important that the
simulated voltage supply has close relationship with the actual three-phase source.

Theoretically design a three-phase voltage supply simulator circuit that will solve the
engineering problem define in the main section of the assignment.
The theoretical design should conform to the following product specifications:
The simulated 3-phase voltage supply has the wave shape, frequency and phase
differences of an actual 3-phase voltage supply.
0V to 20V user adjustable voltage amplitude.
There should be indicators to show the failure of respective phases in case there is any
short circuit occurs in any of the phases.
Optimum load voltage regulation.

Can you help me in solving this problem? I do not know what is a 3-phase voltage supply and I do not know how the circuit looks like. Can anyone give me some guidance on where how to start off?

Thank you to all..
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