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Plastics and glass - materials question

by dcbloemer
Tags: glass, materials, plastics
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May31-10, 06:48 PM
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Hello folks! I have a few questions regarding plastics. I am pretty new to material science, so please bear with me...

I am actually looking for a material with a set of specific properties that my design requires: good impact resistance, moderate to high thermal resistance / high melting point / low thermal creep, high hardness, good machinability / easily moldable, good transparency / translucency, and it must be nontoxic. Glass would be ideal for most of these points, however, a plastic would presumably be cheaper to manufacture in large runs. I am aware of glass-filled polycarbonates and polystyrenes, but do not know much about them.

Could anyone knowledgeable in materials engineering provide some suggestions for materials that I may want to look into? I know I can use matweb to look up specific material properties, but seeing as there are over 80 pages of polycarbonates alone, I thought it would be nice if someone could give me some specific suggestions to cut down on my search time.

Thanks in advance! I appreciate your help!
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