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How to publish in

by eljose79
Tags: arxivorg, publish
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Jul21-03, 10:33 AM
P: 215
I have tried publishing in webpage..but it si imposible all the e-mail i send are rejected i have tried reading the faq..but is useless...i use the.tex format and e-mail for mi mail count saying the title the author but i am always should i edit the mail to make them able to read?..i am getting in my imposible to publish in this webpage..i am nasty about thatí.
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Jul21-03, 12:03 PM
P: n/a
Post a copy of the rejection letter, and I will tell you whether the rejection is based on technicality or the content of your work.

Jul22-03, 04:48 AM
P: 215
Here it goes the message i received when rejected:

Your message was missing suitable identifying information and could not
automatically parsed and properly routed. Your message will not be read
unless you add that information and resend.

Help texts are available via the WorldWideWeb at
and many questions (e.g., regarding making submissions) are answered

If your question or comment concerns a specific submission already
entered in
the database, then you must provide the archive/papernum identifier
hep-th/0109301). If you are writing about a rejected submission, then
you must
provide the specific rejection id (e.g. hep-th.user.1234).
If you are reporting a bug or other problem with the www interface,
then you
must provide the full URL you tried to access. If you are reporting
access, you must provide the "blocked access was logged from..."

For other questions/comments, please preface your message with "Dear

Note that many e-mail viruses cause e-mail to be sent with forged
addresses, so
we may be replying to a message that came from an infected third party.
You should be able to determine if this is the case by examining the
information from the message header attached below.
Happily, if the message did not come from you, no further action is
(Sadly, no further action is possible anyway.) If the message below did
originate from your computer, then you should check it for a virus.

>From Mon Jul 21 11:20:04 2003
Received: from (
by (8.11.6/x.x.x) with SMTP id h6LFK3C16164
for <>; Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:20:04 -0400
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Mon,
21 Jul 2003 17:20:03 CEST
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:20:03 +0200 (CEST)
From: =?iso-8859-1?q?Jose=20martinez?= <>
Subject: about publishing in the webpage

I do not understand the faq and why my message is "wrong" in fact
a)should i use outlook to send the mail?
b)have i to be registered in to submit mails?
c)How should i write or what i should i put in the mail for not to be rejected?..
hope you can help..

Jul22-03, 06:33 AM
P: n/a
How to publish in

Which MSC-class are you submitting under?

Jul23-03, 05:09 AM
P: 215
i do not understand you in the sense of the what is MSC-Class..i do not know what calss is i only want to submit works about phsyics or maths but i do not know if i must be registered or not or how could i resgister to be able to submit mails and not be rejected.
Jul23-03, 05:49 AM
P: n/a
Originally posted by eljose79
i do not know if i must be registered or not or how could i resgister to be able to submit mails and not be rejected.
And this is why it's not working. Read the submission instructions. You have to fill out ALL the fields if you want to submit.

Jul23-03, 06:39 AM
P: 215
In fact i hve read the faq again but i still have doubts

a)Suppose that i want to submit a file about physics..then i think the mail direction would be, orfor a math file then would be

b)Have i to register in the webpage to be able to submit files..i did no understand it very well

In fact to submit the files would be enough to send the mail to the right addres?.

Hope you can help

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