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Gravity anomaly explained in patent?

by Rolf Guthmann
Tags: anomaly, explained, gravity, patent
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Rolf Guthmann
Aug27-04, 06:17 PM
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There is more than 20 years that I study and research the gravity.

For all these years I accomplished several experiences, in which it submitted magnets and/or electro-magnets in high rotations, to the most several interactions.

In 1996 I became aware of the experience of Tampere in Finland, accomplished by Russian Ing. Podkletnov, that observed a gravitational anomaly provoked mysteriously above a superconductor disk in rotation.

See the site: Podkletnov's basic article (1995)

This effect was never very understood, nor either there was some reasonable explanation for him.

In the report of the experience (Conclusion), a vibration is described, an oscillation or a bad swinging of the disk, that didn't leave the disk naturally in the horizontal. It was here that I found a relationship among my experiences of the past.

See the web page:

I would like to have the friends' opinion, on this patent or perhaps until finding, through this road, some institution that can accomplish the patent-experience and consequently to prove my theory about the gravity.
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