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Need Help My home phone is not working...

by sweeti pi
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sweeti pi
Jun18-10, 02:13 AM
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HI All,

I am a new user for this forum... i got problem with my home phone. its UNIDEN 2.4 G HZ.. and connection is telstra.. i hv connected modem to my phone.. it was working good since last 2 yers..but since last week my phone is not giving dial tone and its giving very disturbing sounds. however, the incoming calls and my modem and internet is working fine. but i cant make a call ... only incoming but i couldn't able to heard person's sound in incoming call..very disturbing result...

i have disconnected all connection including modem and connect only normal phone connection thn also its not working. no dial tone.. i called telstra helpdesk and they advised me same...

i dont know wht to do... dont want to spend money for service if its not actual service prob.. i have only one phone...
plz help me ...

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Jun18-10, 08:57 AM
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The DSL modem should have come with a filter to attach between your phone and the wall. If it didn't ask your provider about it. If you have dial up, I'm not so sure. Either way it should have been fine after you disconnected the modem. You can check your phone box to see if it has been damaged in any way. If you see no damage and you weren't supposed to have a filter for the phone line you may have to get a service call. On the bright side, if it has something to do with Telstra and not you own home line, they should pay to fix it.

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