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Simple Quiz Program

by aychamo
Tags: program, quiz, simple
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Aug30-04, 08:38 AM
P: 376
Hey guys

A lot of my classes this semester (parastiology, cell biology, ecology) are a lot of definitions that I need to have nailed down solid.

I'm looking for a little definitions quiz program that I can use, I'd like to be able to enter the word and definition and have it ask my either the word or definition and I'd have to answer it. I don't have to be able to type it in, just show it to me then I hit a button and it tells me the answer (I'll know if I'm right or not, I dont need the program to tell me).

If I cant' find something, I'd like to write a simple one in Delphi on WinXP. What type of data type would you think I should do this in?

Should I do a big array of like [1..255] or something of Strings? I could put the definitions and words in a txtfile and have each separated by a <newline> (#10#14).

I took a Java class a few years ago and we learned about vectors which were like dynamic datatypes and you could define them as you needed them instead of making arrays. I don't know what the equivelant is in Delphi (I'm so far out of the programming loop it's not funny). Is there a better datatype than just an array, in delphi?

Anyways.. I just need to learn my junk :)

Thank you!
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Aug30-04, 11:06 AM
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I dont know anything about Delphi,but in c++/VB/c#/Java etc (i think in all programming languages )you neednt keep the answers as strings.
Just write everything int a file in a suitable format like

blah blah blah blah blah bla....

blah blah blah blah blah bla....

Then just read the suitable Defn and answers


Read text file till $ is reached
Display everything till newline as question
Display everything until next $ as answer

This can be implemented as a loop easily

For input program replace Disply by Input,etc..
Aug30-04, 11:44 AM
chronon's Avatar
P: 499
Delphi has a TStringList type, which stores a list of strings, but also has methods for dealing with strings of the form


The TValueListEditor component stores its values in a StringList, and so looks like what you need

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