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Questions about graduate school stipends

by dsanz
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Dec24-10, 10:56 AM
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So, what do international students do, if they cannot cover the minimum standards for obtaining the visa and prove that they have sufficient money to finance their first year in grad school?

I mean, $ 50 000 is a lot of money. A 22-24 year-old student coming from a developing country, whatever it is, clearly cannot afford it, even if he strikes the jackpot in the regional lottery. What if the parents' savings aren't just enough...
Echoing with Ryker, there is nothing international students can do if they cannot afford the expenses. International education continues to remain something only affordable by financially well-heeled people from developing countries. The situation is slightly better for PhD students, however, they are still required to possess sufficient funds atleast for the first year.
The Immigration and National Act is very specific with regard to the requirements which must be met by applicants to qualify for the student visa. The consular officer will determine whether you qualify for the visa. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate that they properly meet student visa requirements including:

Have a residence abroad, with no immediate intention of abandoning that residence;
Intend to depart from the United States upon completion of the course of study; and
Possess sufficient funds to pursue the proposed course of study.
Some students do take educational loans to pay for their tuition.
Dec24-10, 02:19 PM
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Then you just can't study there, simple as that. You might feel it's unfair, but that's how it works.
yeah, yeah, that's clear.

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced this and how he went about it.

As to the 'unfairness'.. well, that's a general fact of life, so nothing really new here

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