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Some properties of vectors - there is a point I don't understand it .

by r-soy
Tags: point, properties, vectors
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Aug20-10, 06:23 AM
P: 159

Two vectors A and B are equal if they have the same magnitude and the same direction . this property allows us to translate a vector parallel to itself in a diagram without affecting the vector . In fact , for most purposes, any vector can be moved parallel to itself without being affected .

can you give me an example of that point
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Aug20-10, 09:51 AM
P: 21,305
Let u = i + j

Let v be the vector that extends from (2, 1) to (3, 2)

Then |u| = |v| = sqrt(2)
and both vectors make an angle of 45 degrees with the positive x-axis.
Aug20-10, 05:19 PM
P: 159
Thanks a lot

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