Bimetallic strip calculation

by physiomaniac
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Aug25-10, 06:04 AM
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I am studying the bimetallic strip used in MCB.
I am trying to theoretically calculate the temperature rise of the strip when 1.13In (safe value of current for which the MCB shouldnot trip) is passed through the bimetallic strip. I am having the dimensions, resistivity, modulus of elasticity, flexivity, density of the strip.

I even have the practical values with me for ever few secons of current passed.
I tried to use the relation MC(dT)=I^2Rt
that is all the heat generated is used in the temperature rise.
But practically other things need to be considered like heat loss with environment, also the above formula holds good for only few seconds and here the resistivity I have taken constant will also vary.
Please help me out with a relevant solution.
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