Ion notation

by ldv1452
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Aug28-10, 08:37 PM
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I've seen ions notated with the postive or negative sign both before and after the element name (usually after). Is this just preference or does its placement indicate anything?
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Aug29-10, 03:41 AM
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Charge is always indicated after the ion, + or - before the name may refer to optical rotation. See

scroll down to page 47, IR-3.2.

(you may also check page 25, IR-2.3.2 and page 31, IR-2.8.1).

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Aug30-10, 03:42 PM
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Interesting. My textbook seems to use them interchangeably for some reason.

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Aug30-10, 07:11 PM
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Ion notation

Quote Quote by ldv1452 View Post
Interesting. My textbook seems to use them interchangeably for some reason.
Some books will flip the order in which A and Z are displaced (that was the case of my first chemistry textbook).

But I have never found a textbook indicating charges in the "wrong" side. Perhaps it's just an old notation that has since disappeared.

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