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What attitude makes a good physicist?

by Boorglar
Tags: physics
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Sep2-10, 05:57 PM
P: 179
I mean, what types of talents, interests and personalities someone should have to be able to be a good physicist? And what is needed to be worked upon if it is not innate (for example, social skills).

Also, how can someone in the field develop his creative thinking to have new ideas?

EDIT: I meant do most physicists have the luck of being able to formulate new ideas, and not only working on already-known ideas?
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Sep3-10, 03:36 AM
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I feel a good physicist should have the attitude of doing Science for the sake of Science only and not looking for any other benefits (like recognition, material benefits). He should do Science for the reason that it bothers him so much than any other thing in this world.

This cannot come by practice; the attitude of mind should come naturally and not by any force.

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