ANOTHER egg drop ..

by trrlove
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Oct9-10, 01:51 AM
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I was thrilled when I got the Lab Sheet for the Egg Drop! I had seen all of the older kids do it and now it was my chance! It never clicked with me that there were actual concepts and directions in play so that brings me here, making yet ANOTHER egg drop thread!

Basically we are being graded based on:
total wight (minimum)
time aloft (maximum)
accuracy (must hit a target [right below the dropping point])
egg condition

Time Aloft
__________________________ + Egg Condition
Weight x Distance from Target

We will be dropping the contraption off an approx. 7 meter building.

Any piece of wisdom/ information will be extremely helpful! A variation of sources (videos, diagrams, write-ups...) will also be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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