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Wave Problem

by temaire
Tags: wave
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Oct13-10, 05:58 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A water wave traveling in a straight line on a lake is described by the equation

y(x,t) = (3.75cm)cos(0.450cm-1x + 5.40s-1t)

where y is the displacement perpendicular to the undisturbed surface of the lake.

What is the maximum speed of his cork floater as the wave causes it to bob up and down?

3. The attempt at a solution

T = (2pi)/5.4
T = 1.16 seconds

Maximum velocity = |(a/T)|
Maximum velocity = |(0.0375/1.16)|
Maximum velocity = 0.0323 m/s

This answer is not correct. Can someone show me where I went wrong?
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Oct13-10, 09:51 PM
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That is the average velocity over a period. How can you find the instantaneous velocity for any location x and time t?

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