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Increasing the resolving power of a telescope

by Idoubt
Tags: increasing, power, resolving, telescope
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Oct21-10, 11:23 AM
P: 162
I have a toy telescope, very poor objective aperture like 30mm, the image is very poor.

I was wondering if I could increase it's resolving power by placing a convex lens with a larger aperture in front of the objective lens?

The larger lens should converge more light rays onto the objective giving more light.

I understand that the telescope is made for parallel rays but wont decreasing the distance to the eye piece compensate?
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Andy Resnick
Oct21-10, 11:34 AM
Sci Advisor
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You are thinking mostly correctly, but the increased aberrations from doing what you suggest would likely degrade the image further.

What you really need is an increased numerical aperture (decreased f-number), and you are probably better off just getting a better telescope, rather than spending that time and money improving a poor quality instrument.

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