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Resume building for math PHD (current MS student)

by filter54321
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Oct26-10, 10:58 AM
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Hello all,

I did my BS in finance and business management (fluff, I know) in 2007. I worked for three years but starting in 2009 I got bored and took some undergrad classes in math. I had some calculus as an undergrad but I took advanced calculus, real analysis and ODEs over 2009-2010.

This past September I quit my job in New York City and went to the best local, public university known for math CUNY-CCNY. Realistically, I had perfect marks as an undergrad but cost and lack of preparation pretty much barred me from anywhere else.

It looks like I will be finishing the masters in 3 semesters (December 2011) and I will be applying for phd programs in *APPLIED MATH* in fall 2011. I like analysis, PDEs and probability/stats and solving real world problems (generally speaking). I despise algebra, set theory, number theory and logic.

I need some advice on the all important research experience part of the application. My understanding is that I am barred from NSF REU's because I am a grad student (but not a "real one"). On the other hand there's no chance in hell of getting into a summer slot someplace for graduate students because "real ones" will get them. As far as I can tell, my particular campus is really weak on applied math so sticking around for the summer won't be interesting - but if it helps, it helps.

Will an internship in industry count for anything? Any thoughts?
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