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Finding required thrust power for jet engine aircraft.

by nah
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Oct30-10, 06:09 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
I need to find required thrust power for lockeed s3a. I know Thrust=Drag in horizontal flight.
For take off, need to use the take off angle, split the Weight (G) into 2 components using the takeoff angle... Same for landing.

G=19278kg ---> 19278*9.81=189,1kN
Wing area=22m(in square)
Expluatational overload = 4

2. Relevant equations
G=Y ; G=weight, Y= Lift
T=Q ; T= thrust, Q=drag

Q=0.5Cx*(air density)*S*(v in sq)

I dont have the Cx...

3. The attempt at a solution

expluatational overload = (P-Q)/G

Anyhow i was thinking, if theres a way to calculate the required thrust using airspeed?
Btw in wikipedia it shows the Thrust for that aircraft is 2*41.26kN
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