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Problem with OFDM system

by thavamaran
Tags: ofdm
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Nov1-10, 03:00 PM
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Hi guys, I am currently working with my OFDM system. My back-to-back system works in perfect condition.

My OFDM was done with 16-QAM, 72 subcarrier carries data and 56 carrier zero (zero padding) total 128 subcarries, then IFFT and DAC, then upconverting it to 1 GHz. Perfect back-to-back system.

But when I include a laser model in my program to make optical OFDM, there is a phase shift at the constellation point after FFT at the receiver, the laser model is a nonlinear ODE model. Can anyone please advice what I should!

I am really lost, I even try to compensate the phase shift which is about 45 degree, but at every loop the phase shift varies, like 45, and then 135, it just jumps with a difference of 90 degrees.

Please advice me on this. If you dont understand my explanation, please let me know, I will explain in more detail.
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