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by florin.ics
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Nov14-10, 01:03 PM
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Hello to everyone, my name`s Florin and i`m a Mechanical Engineering fresh graduate.
My specialisation is Thermal Machines and Equipments. My graduation thesis was to project a cooling instalation for a freezing tunnel and a frost deposit. I learned Solidworks during my college years because i`m passioned by design, but i`m yet a beginner. I ask if there is anyone here that can help me with some 2d sketches or anything that can lead into an advanced 3d design, and in return i`ll send him the design if he needs. I do this because i would like to learn more but since i`m beginner in engineering and have no experience i can`t project something on my own. If there is anyone that can help me i thank you in advance. I would like to build a internal-combustion engine but i think no one will just give all the data for that and i can't fine any dimension-drive sketches all over the internet.
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