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I just failed the Physics GRE, now what?

by undergrad_phy
Tags: failed, grad school, gre, gre physics, physics
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Feb13-11, 03:32 PM
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So I know you can't technically "fail" the Physics GRE, but I came about as close as you can- so low that I really wish I didn't take it at all, like I wish the schools were left to wonder what I might have made instead of knowing what I made on this. So low that I'd rather not even mention it here. (Hint: a single digit percentage of people who took the test scored lower than I did.) I have already taken the test again since I took this particular test, but the results for the second time around won't be back until late December.
OP, how did you do the second time around?
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Feb14-11, 04:20 PM
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When you say no curving, what exactly do you mean? For example, at my university, professors look for gaps in-between student scores, so that those gaps represent cut-offs for different grades. Of course it's probably not always as clear-cut, so that they have to "force" the cut-off and look at the scores themselves, as well, but if the average was 43% and, say, one person got 90% and the next best one got 50%, then the latter wouldn't get a C or a B.
No curving whatsoever in my math class (it really depends on the prof). What you get is what you get.

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