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Nasa to replicate results by Podkletnov

by Zantra
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Aug11-03, 09:01 PM
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I never said assume, I assume next to nothing unless I am having fun with someone I try to no make it to much at their expense but at a price they can afford.

The thought I suppose one would have from a materialist perspective would be why would a person who had any of the experiences which I said I have had bother posting on this forum if such a thing could be real or were a real experience to myself.

1 It is a Lie
2 Individual is deluded
3 Mind created phsiological experience in order to console the
thought of death
4 1 & 2
5 1 & 3
6 2 & 3
7 1 & 2 & 3
8 It is the truth
Aug11-03, 11:26 PM
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Originally posted by TENYEARS
I must clue you in on something although it is not in my power to give you the experience of it. Truth is a by product of experience. The words of fools saying they did this or they did not do that or that this is real or that this is not real is not knowlege. I see inquisitive open minds here, but you will not find truth on this forum, in the news paper or by enlightened or non existant enlightened individuals or anywhere else until you search one place and one place alone. The answer to what the universe is made of can only be born within yourself. You can never know it outside yourself although you may find expression of it there.

Most people put a thing like gravity outside themselves or most large questions god, etc..... These things can only be answered by you. These answers will not be some self consoling bull or hit it with a hammer so called science, but direct experience of the reality of the question and the answer.

Real answers come with real questions. Real questions are have no choice to be answered.

If you are supprised by the result of article, what would you say to witnessing your next door neighbor who was in a wheel chair for 7 years could not walk go to a catholic healer and during a mass become healed and walk again when the doctors themselves did not know how this was possible. He was on national television by the way. Most of you would take this in in an instant upon witnessing and say I believe. I did not even though I knew the character of the individual and was friends with the family. I had to know one word. How and did not accept or not accept. I accept nothing but a witness to what really is. This and only this is truth.

I tackled gravity in the same way so can anyone else.
Ok, I admit I skimmed through your post too quickly the first time. But after all, as russ pointed out, this is the pseudoscience forum, not philosophy

To me, it's not a matter of "faith" I'm not willing to accept UFO's on "faith", though quite a few may. I see strong evidence, and I see a need for further exploration of the ideal, but I do not see absolute physical proof. I still eye this objectively. Perhaps then it is the fact that most will not accept this notion unless it basically lands in thier front yard. What bothers me, is that people see strong evidence and they dismiss it automatically withot regard to the facts most times. And of course I'm generalizing. But thereis the stigma attached to UFO's that preclude serious investigation. However various scientists of note have concluded after investigation of the phenomenon that there is no conclusive proof either way. So a4t best it remains unresolved. So then I guess it would come down to personal feelings. But pure objectivity prevents summary judgement of an unproven theory.

In other words, until it's proven that UFO's are a hoax, I can't hoestly say I know they are a fake.
Aug12-03, 07:38 AM
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There is not faith here just fact. The man could not walk for seven years and also had this brand new shinny metal cross that was held in his had blackened by the electrical discharge which lept from the healers hands hands. The doctors were all baffled and he was requested to make a presence on a national TV show at the time and did so. You would have all dove in at witnessing such an event especially when knowing the family so well.

I did not disbelieve or believe. I looked at the facts and thought and rethought until....

These are the facts, no faith here. I do not have time for it not when it comes to reality. Sometimes I have it in people.
Aug12-03, 11:42 AM
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Originally posted by TENYEARS
I figured out what gravity was in 1991. My understand is the reality that exists. I would not, will not post it on this forum amoung other things that have value. If you want answers ask yourself a question and mean it until you do don't bother to respond to my posts or at least come up with something worth responding to. If you want a biblical quote here is one "don't cast your pearls before swine least they trample them under their feet".
But what the HELL does that have to do with gravity? Here's my understanding of reality. People tend to rely on easy, madeup answer for questions that seem difficult. And I'm going to ask myself a question. Do you know what your talking about? And I'm going to answer it. No you don't. And don't you dare say my post aren't worth your time. I criticized you for thinking you seriously know how the world works. So be it. Deal with it. I understand science and I won't let a coward like you think you have all the answers because they seem hard to solve. There's an answer to everything and it's not all "God did it" or "Reality is whatever you want it to be". You didn't seek anything. Really all you did was give up.

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