Atlantic's Sudden Temperature Dive A Midsummer Mystery for Scientists

by Ivan Seeking
Tags: atlantic, dive, midsummer, mystery, scientists, sudden, temperature
Ivan Seeking
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Aug9-03, 03:02 AM
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""During [most of] July, our water temperatures were, I would say, right around normal," said Capt. Butch Arbin, head of the Ocean City Beach Patrol. That's in the low 70s. About two weeks ago, he said, "there was a tremendous change in temperature, [dropping] as much as 10 degrees overnight."
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Aug9-03, 08:51 AM
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Heat wave in India (a thread created in March)

Besides the heat wave in Europe and dramatic change in temperature of sea water in certain area, there's also a heat wave hitting China recently and extra-ordinarily cool weather recorded in some area of Japan a while ago(In July if I remember correctly).

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