Electron density

by magnifik
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Jan19-11, 08:04 PM
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Given: density of silver = 10.5 g/cm3, atomic weight = 108, assume 1 electron per atom.

Question: Find the electron density in the metallic state of silver.

i have the formula 2V/h3 for the density of states in momentum space. i'm not sure if this is the correct formula to use and if so, how to find V from the given information.
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Jan20-11, 04:27 PM
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Not at all. This is essentially just a conversion problem.

You know the density of silver (mass per unit volume) and you need to find the electron density (number of electrons per unit volume), thus you need to convert between mass and number of electrons indirectly.

They also tell you the atomic weight (what information does that give you?) and the number of electrons per atom.

Any ideas on how to start?

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