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Can mechanical shock enhance the flux through a magnetic circuit?

by WarpedWatch
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Jan26-11, 09:16 AM
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Dear geniuses,

I'm planning on working with a magnetic circuit that consists of several bars of low carbon steel magnetically "powered" by two NIB permanent magnets. The steel bars are 1 inch square in cross section and so are the two magnets. When completed, the entire circuit forms a square that is about 5 inches on each side. The circuit will be completed and broken by a hefty mechanical device that can move one of the steel pieces in and out of the circuit. There's a tiny air gap in the circuit which is being used in an experiment.

My question is this: I know it's possible to magnetize a steel bar by placing it in a magnetic field and then banging on it with a hammer. I think it's also possible to demagnetize an iron bar by banging on it in the absence of a magnetic field. So is it possible that administering a mechanical shock to my steel pieces in the circuit might also enhance the flux through the circuit when I complete the circuit? and then reverse that magnetism by mechanically shocking the steel again when I want to demagnetize it?

Note: I'm only thinking about shocking the part of the steel that is not always in contact with the NIBs, so the NIBs themselves will experience no shocks.

Would it be worth it or would the enhancement of shock be too small to worry about?

thanks for your insights on this.
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