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Thermodynamics- Zemansky Heat and Thermodynamics book question

by nelsonleung
Tags: heat, physics, thermal physics, thermodynamics
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Feb4-11, 07:59 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A volume of 200cm3 of a paramagnetic substance is maintained at con-
stant temperature. The magnetic eld is increased quasi-statically and
isothermally from 0 to 10^6 A/m. Assume the Curie law to hold and the
Curie constant per unit volume to be 1.885K/m3.

(a) How much work would have to be done if no material were present? (Ans: 125.7 J)

(b) How much work is done to change the total magnetization of the
material when the temperature is 300K and when it is 1K? (Ans: 0.8J)

(c) How much work is done to change the total magnetization by the
generator supplying the current? (Ans: 236.9J)

This question seems simple that is just simply substituting the numbers to the equation.. but I could not get to the answer. Can anyone help?
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