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How far would you go to respect someone else's beliefs?

by russ_watters
Tags: beliefs, respect
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Aug18-03, 11:01 AM
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Unquestionably for somebody who is a legal adult, they have an undeniable right to refuse medical treatment for any reason. It is there body, if they want to allow nature to kill them without human interference they have that right. Although many of the arguments brought up against this particular religious belief make a whole lot more sense than the religious belief itself. That is not anybody's call but the person whose life is at sake

Now, the issue gets somewhat more complicated if it is a child whose life is at risk. Most children believe the same thing their parents do and most feel that if they die as a child of a preventable illness that it is god's will. Now, I believe in situations where the child seriously believes in refusing medical care, and is passed a certain age, (I would say that 18 is too late, basically, children can make up their minds before they are that old) then they should also be allowed to refuse medical care. But for those who are not old enough yet to make that choice, I think medical care should intervene, because the person whose life is at stake, has no standing on the issue.

The only thing I would hope is that those who have this belief also respect my believes enough that if I collapse someday in front of them, they will call an ambulance for me.

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