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Your Dream Come True thread

by FrancisZ
Tags: dream come true
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Mar12-11, 02:35 PM
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Quote Quote by Ivan Seeking View Post
Point taken. For example, given the choice between Nicole Kidman vs Air Combat, Nicole wins hands down every time!

Nicole vs a Mig 31? Sorry Nicole!!!

Poor Nicole! For me it would have to be an Su-37 at least!
Mar12-11, 02:37 PM
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Quote Quote by S_Happens View Post

Why that looks magically disgusting. Sparkly!

Quote Quote by physics girl phd View Post
FrancisZ, you just became the guy I wish I would have married if I met his current self 15 years ago (though I like my fair lady's gloves better than your sleeves, probably because it keeps things covered but has a naughty feel... and goes better with a tiara, which maybe everyone should have once, but I never did, and what might be my wish).

I got nothing against gloves! But I do love me some sleeves. The 50's and 70's gowns always seemed to have them.

Quote Quote by physics girl phd View Post
Honestly, it's a sad thing that our society claims to value education, but does not sufficiently pay educators (like we value life but there's little/no support for families of children born disabled -- especially, here in the bible belt south, if they are not baptist).

I agree: we are definitely a hypocritical and schizophrenia society at times. Definitely not as consistent as we claim.

Quote Quote by physics girl phd View Post
I don't think it would have been like that 60 years ago. My husband's ex-wife's dad (who has become "Grandpa" to us all) was in education, and made a fine living. I feel like for our family, for every step forward, there's two backward -- though we're in it for the long haul (and our slightly planned, slightly unplanned "wouldn't it be nice to have a little girl?" has been the best thing that ever happened to us -- don't give up on your honest good-hearted dreams!!!!!).

Congrats! And yes: it certainly makes the days seem less grim. For me, it's fun to imagine out loud.

Quote Quote by physics girl phd View Post
I will pray (in my ex-patriot Catholicism) for your wishes (and yours too BobG!!! for to each his own, and I've lived too many lives and seen the appeal of both, made my decisions and will stick to them for the happinesses they do give).

Believe me: I know exactly how you feel; and I do appreciate it. Somehow, it is the way of the Catholic I think (myself included) to always feel an outsider looking in. We ALL have legitimate reasons.

Quote Quote by physics girl phd View Post
What do I wish or dream for?
A magic wand, to wave over our abode with my four sleeping soul-mates (and two cats), and grant them health and security through their days, so that they might pursue happiness as best they can. and maybe I'd like a neck massage. and a warm cookie. Or even just some pumpernickel toast (but just the bread will have to suffice... I have sleeping soul-mates that awaken on the smell of toasting).

Sounds like you already had a pretty good plan, and it DID work out! Blessings to you Boss. I am always pleased by someone who gets what they really wish for.

Now I want a warm cookie too... it is Lent isn't it.
Mar12-11, 03:44 PM
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Quote Quote by Ivan Seeking View Post
I met another guy who did it, but his opponent threw up and passed out.

I'd like to be the next guy on the Moon.
Now, three days is too long a trip.
So I'll use Project Orion to get me there much faster.
Since I'm impatient, I won't launch from orbit I'll pick a spot in the southwest desert.
Mar12-11, 07:24 PM
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It seems like overkill to throw up AND pass out... surely just one or the other is bad enough...

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