Some persian wine?

by Omid
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Oct17-04, 10:42 PM
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Go and die, go and die,
For this love go and die,
When in this love you die
You will let spirits fly.

Go and die, go and die,
Fear no death, donít be shy
When in this dust you lie
Your spirit will soar up high.

Go and die, go and die,
Let this existence pass by
This existence is your tie
And prisoners you and I.

With an axe cut the tie
And this, your prison, defy
When your chains you untie
With Kings, identify.

Go and die, go and die,
The handsome King satisfy
For the Lord when you die
Your glories multiply.

Go and die, go and die,
Like the tearful clouds, cry
When the cloud has run dry
You are the light of the eye.

Silence try, silence try
As close as you get to die
All your life, you apply
Your sigh and silence deny.

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