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Need Help In Getting Started

by Double A
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Double A
Oct18-04, 05:18 PM
P: 33
In my statics class we are studying Rigid body equilibrium and when it got to 3D I get a little lost. Below are some homework questions I'm having a hard time starting. I get the free body diagrams but don't know where to go from there. I find that there are more unknowns than I have equations for.

I have provided links for the reactions that happen at certain types of connections. I also apologize for the bad scanning job on a couple of the images.

Table 1
Table 2

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3

I appreciate any help. I need to finish this assignment asap.
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Oct18-04, 06:50 PM
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Are you remembering to account for Torque?
Double A
Oct18-04, 07:24 PM
P: 33
I am accounting for moments (tourque). The 6 equations that I have to use are:

1) Force Equations:
-[tex]\Sigma F x =0[/tex]
-[tex]\Sigma F y =0[/tex]
-[tex]\Sigma F z =0[/tex]

2) Moment Equations
-[tex]\Sigma M x =0[/tex]
-[tex]\Sigma M y =0[/tex]
-[tex]\Sigma M z =0[/tex]

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