View Poll Results: VOTE PF Photo Contest - Parallel Lines
drizzle 2 8.70%
ZapperZ 2 8.70%
Andy Resnick 4 17.39%
jtbell 5 21.74%
khemist 3 13.04%
Marzena 0 0%
Ms Music 0 0%
AlephZero 0 0%
dav2008 4 17.39%
Disconnected 1 4.35%
Borek 1 4.35%
JaredJames 1 4.35%
turbo-1 0 0%
Voters: 23. You may not vote on this poll

VOTE PF Photo Contest - Parallel Lines

by ZapperZ
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May7-11, 06:26 AM
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We have a large number of photos to choose from for our Parallel Lines contest. Good job, everyone!

Please vote for the photo that BEST REPRESENTS our theme this week - Parallel Lines.

1. drizzle (yes, your photo showed up this week, although you might want to consider uploading jpg files instead of png.)

2. ZapperZ

3. Andy Resnick

4. jtbell

5. khemist

6. Marzena

7. Ms Music

8. AlephZero

9. dav2008

10. Disconnected

11. Borek

12. JaredJames

13. turbo-1

Contest thread

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May7-11, 01:25 PM
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Amazing colours in Andy's.
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May9-11, 06:11 PM
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Cheers Zz, I'll consider it next time.

My my, let me see... I have a deep sensation that tells me to go north!

Andy Resnick
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May9-11, 09:28 PM
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VOTE PF Photo Contest - Parallel Lines

Quote Quote by fuzzyfelt View Post
Amazing colours in Andy's.
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May11-11, 07:29 PM
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A very close voting period for this contest so far. Right now, we have a 3-way tie for first place, and a bunch of people right behind them!

Every vote counts! Cast your vote now!

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May11-11, 07:32 PM
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So close, yet so far...!
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May13-11, 01:46 AM
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jtbell had a great photo... parallel lines everywhere... :D

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