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by aihaike
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Jun30-11, 08:04 AM
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Dear all,

I set up a external GPU device based on a GForce GTX 580.
I'm running Linux (Slackware64 13.1).
I use the PE4H ver 2.4 (PCIe passive adapter from hwtools.net) to connect the card to my desktop.
I tried both packages from SlackBuild and nvidia.com and got the same issue.

Here comes the issue:

when I do a

modeprobe nvidia

it comes

FATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/ /nvidia.ko): No such device

lspci does not show the card.

It's like the card is not connected.
Some LEDs of the PE4H and the HP4A are on and the fan of the card works.
I checked out the BIOS ans found that it was set to automatically disables the integrated graphics' VGA output. I disabled this option.
I power on the card before the desktop.
I wonder whether I need to install a driver or a firmware in order to get HP4A working first, or ig it requires additional power.
If one of you have any experience with that stuff, some hits would be very appreciated.
I thank you in advance,

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