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Preparing for IB Math HL

by inception7
Tags: math, preparing
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Jul5-11, 08:21 PM
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Hello guys,

I will soon be stepping into the IB1 program and before I start school in late august, I wish to properly* review my maths (including but not limited to algebra, geometry, functions, graphs, etc).

* I really need to strengthen my mathematical foundation. I'm looking forward to be well acquainted with the topics, learn it inside out. I'm not expecting to merely skim through the subjects and apply the rules/formulas. I would ideally like to be also acquainted with simple but logical proofs in conjunction to what I will read or learn.

Now with this in consideration, which books would you recommend? Note: it should at least contain review material from grades 7-12!

1. International Baccalaureate

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Jul6-11, 01:39 PM
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Anyone? :)

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