Questions on monopoles

by wasphysics
Tags: d-branes, monopoles, string theory
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Jul30-11, 12:30 AM
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I had a question on the t'Hooft Polyakov monopole. The issue is that since these monopoles are of finite energy shouldnt they really curve the space, so shouldnt the lagrangian (1.20) in the review paper above also have a Ricci scalar contribution and the classical field equations should be solved consistently for the g_uv, \phi and the A_\mu fields. Also what is the fate of the BPS conditions once gravity is included. Is there a reference which deals with this issue.

Also a curious nature of these solitons seems that the only way a finite energy solution could be made to exist (text between (1.30) - (1.39) ) is if the A_mu field is non-zero. This seems so D-brane like, in the sense that a d-brane exists with an open string ending on it (A_mu field). Does anyone know of references that deal with this issue.
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