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None / I dislike Republicans / I'm voting Democrat 1 25.00%
Mitt Romney 1 25.00%
Ron Paul 1 25.00%
Rick Perry 0 0%
Herman Cain 1 25.00%
Michelle Bachmann 0 0%
Rick Santorum 0 0%
Tim Pawlenty 0 0%
Newt Gingrich 0 0%
Jon Huntsman 0 0%
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Republican Nomination

by jduster
Tags: nomination, republican
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Aug7-11, 06:08 AM
P: 46
My analysis of the Republican Nomination:

Huntsman, despite good credentials, no one will know who he is.
Gingrich is too outdated and irrelevant to win.
Santorum has failed to captivate more than 2% of the party.
Pawlenty shot himself in the foot by maligning Romney and then refusing to stand behind what he said in the debate.
Rick Perry certainly is doing better than I expected in the polls.
Ron Paul appeals to libertarians, but most Republicans wouldn't nominate him.
Romney is the moderate establishment Republican in the lead. He may win.
Herman Cain is the candidate I am supporting, as I think he is the most qualified.
Bachmann's entrance really hurt the other Tea Party candidate. She may do well.
Palin is probably not going to run.

Too early to tell.

Who would you most likely support for the Republican Nomination?
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