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Strength of aluminum 6061 vs 7075

by flashinthepan
Tags: 6061, 7075, aluminum, strength
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Aug8-11, 01:26 PM
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Hello and thanks in advance for any help given. I have attached a drawing of sorts (please excuse the novice attempt) for a design I am working on to pivot a 40"x60"x1.5" item framed mirror) using an actuator.

My question is specific to the part of the design marked "B" in red. Basically this design is a lever of sorts lifting and tilting an item.

If the item "B" is bolted down onto the top surface plate (so marked in the drawing) which is 14.5" square (has bent down sides for added strength, will the item B which is 24" x 40" .25 7075 aluminum plate bend as the item on top is being tilted or lifted? Would 6061 in the T6 temper provide the necessary support (or any other type of aluminum plate for that matter) without bending more than 1/8" of an inch from the forced being exerted to left/tilt the mirror?

There are probably hundreds of different ways to accomplish this but those are beyond my control. I am tasked with finding a platform ("B") to support everything above it. Everything else in the drawing is out of my control but I can control what "B" is.

"B" can be up to 1.5" thick but not have dimensions larger than 24"x40" in area. It must also weigh no more than about 25 pounds.

Again, much thanks. I posted my question here since it seemed to be more suited to materials engineering (which I am not) than mechanical engineering (also which I am not).
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Oct12-11, 04:56 AM
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You'll need to show dimensions if you want a meaningful answer. However, both alloys share the same modulus of elasticity, so calculated deflection will be the same.

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