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Quit my Job

by S_Happens
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Aug21-11, 05:39 PM
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Your previous job was?
I am an operator in a chemical plant. I control/monitor a process used to make olefin (alkene) monomers used for making plastics as well as a few other things.

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Nice username but don't think of your situation like that. Sounds like you got a good plan.
It's a play on the 2nd law of thermodynamics rather than a pessimistic statement.

It must be time to leave because this weekend I've been unable to access PF from work.
Aug21-11, 07:15 PM
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Good luck to you to, mck!
Thanks! :)
Aug21-11, 07:52 PM
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Thanks for all the good wishes everyone. I'm packing up everything right now for the first day of class tomorrow.

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Good luck! I've been contemplating the same idea here recently. Let me know how it goes. I have about 6-8 classes and I'll have my degree in ME. Easier said than done with working a huge amount of hours with no extra help at work. Best of luck! I know it will work out for you:)
I'll keep you updated. For me I know this is the right way to go. I couldn't drag it out over many years, even if my schedule would allow it. Best of luck to you as well.
Aug22-11, 09:22 AM
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Good luck to you, man. Life's for living.

On that note:
Aug22-11, 05:34 PM
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All the best S!

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