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Calculating the strength needed for each electromagnet in a stepper motor

by SMD1990
Tags: electromagnet, motor, stepper, strength
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Sep2-11, 09:06 AM
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I am designing a stepper motor, and I need someone to check my calculations. The results seem impossibly low...

Suppose the vehicle driven by the motor is already up to speed. The force needed to maintain that speed are, say, 100 Newtons.

At the speed, the stepper motor performs 15,000 steps per second. Each step is a millimeter.

If a Newton = Kilograms * Meters / Seconds2, then plugging in my values, I get:
100 Newtons = ? * 0.001 / 0.000066662
100 Newtons = ? * 225000
So, according to my calculations, each electromagnet would only need to be able to pull 0.444 grams from a millimeter away.

That cannot be right, can it? If so, the power needed to drive such a motor seems to be unbelievably low. I mean, even the smallest, weakest electromagnets I have ever made can provide that little of a pull.

Certainly, I must be in err? No?
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