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Resolving Power

by PixelHarmony
Tags: power, resolving
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Nov17-04, 01:31 AM
P: 2
Yet I can't get the answers. Can someone please help me?

sin(Xmin) = Xmin = 1.22 (lambda/D)

(a) Two stars are photographed utilizing a telescope with a circular aperture of diameter of 2.32 m and light with a wavelength of 461 nm. If both stars are 1022 m from us, what is their minimum separation so that we can recognize them as two stars (instead of just one)?

d = ???? m*****

(b) A car passes you on the highway and you notice the taillights of the car are 1.14 m apart. Assume that the pupils of your eyes have a diameter of 6.7 mm and index of refraction of 1.36. Given that the car is 13.8 km away when the taillights appear to merge into a single spot of light because of the effects of diffraction, what wavelength of light does the car emit from its taillights (what would the wavelength be in vacuum)?

l = ???? nm*****
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Nov17-04, 01:45 AM
P: 2
nevermind i got them

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