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Real world problem - Swing gate actuator forces

by Tmp
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Sep16-11, 01:20 PM
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This is a very long argument between me and a supplier of a electric linear actuator for opening gates.

In the image below you can see how I currently have the gates configured, and how they are suggesting I have them configured.

My question is this...

Would I be correct in saying that the current configuration would require LESS force to move the gate, than their suggested configuration. Also with their configuration you could never open the gate more than 90 degrees. The drawings arn't to scale and I don't know the distance between the hinge and where the actuator connects to the gate. However this distance is governed by the stroke of the actuator and if I were the extend the mounting on the back of the gate as illustrated, I would have to bring it closer to the hinge to account for the fixed length of the actuator. The gates open clockwise on that diagram.


The gates were constructed by a 3rd party based upon the specifications provided by the manufacturers of the linear actuators. The installation guide can be found here ->

The measurements A, B & D are referred to several times in this document. D is 50mm and cannot be changed. The actuators I am using are "Aster 4", the bracket used is the one supplied and described in that document.

The company have provided their own installation diagram which seem to contradict the manufacturers instructions. These can be found here

I'm no genius but surely their suggested solution makes no sense at all?
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