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Kinematics (linear motion)

by Scarlet_pat
Tags: kinematics, linear, motion
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Sep18-11, 09:14 PM
P: 44
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A puck is moving on an air hockey table. Relative to an x, y coordinate system at time t = 0 s, the x components of the puck's initial velocity and acceleration are v0x = +5.6 m/s and ax = +6.3 m/s2. The y components of the puck's initial velocity and acceleration are v0y = +9.8 m/s and ay = -3.6 m/s2. Find (a) the magnitude v and (b) the direction θ of the puck's velocity at a time of t = 0.50 s. Specify the direction relative to the +x axis.

2. Relevant equations
v= u +at
v^2 = U^2 + 2as
s = ut +1/2at^2
s = vt +1/2at^2

3. The attempt at a solution

i dont know how to approach this, in fact i dont even know if im using the right equations. since there are X and Y component. it would be incorrect for me to find V by only using X or V ... please help.
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Sep18-11, 09:21 PM
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If you solve the final velocities for each individual component of the puck's movement you will get two vectors. Using vector additions you can get a resultant….from there you should be able to find the angle relative to the x-axis.

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