Verify the hyperbolic identites

by CalcStudent
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Sep21-11, 01:53 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

verify these identities:

1) tanh^2 x + sech^2 x =1
2) sinh(x+y) = sinh cosh y + cosh x sinh y

2. Relevant equations

cosh2x - sinh2x = 1
sech2x + tanh2x = 1
coth2x - csch2x = 1

sinh (x y) = sinh x cosh y cosh x sinh y
cosh (x y) = cosh x cosh y sinh x sinh y
tanh(x y) = (tanh x tanh y)/(1 tanh x.tanh y)
coth(x y) = (coth x coth y l)/(coth y coth x)
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Sep21-11, 01:57 AM
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Um, the identities are given to you in your "relevant equations." What is it you are asking?
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Sep21-11, 10:17 PM
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Pretty sure you are suppose to show us what you did first..

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