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Jazz it up

by OptimusPrime
Tags: jazz
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Nov19-04, 08:11 PM
P: 54
Is there any way to jazz my answer up or is this the best possible answer?

A clothing company ships its clothes in two different sizes of ships. Each shipment is made on a ship with dimensions 8ft x 10ft x 30ft or 8ft x 10ft x 40ft. If 30% of its shipments are made by using 30 foot ships and 70% by using 40 foot ships, find the mean volume shipped per load (Assume the ships are always filled to capacity)

[30%*(8*10*30)]+[70%*(8*10*40)]*ft3 = 8*10*10*(0.3*3 + 0.7*4)*ft3
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Nov19-04, 08:15 PM
P: n/a
What's better than a weighted average? There really isn't another way around that problem unless you're just going for obfuscation when you say "jazz"

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