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Suggest reading/websites; newton/mach/einstien

by 3mpathy
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Nov25-04, 09:18 AM
P: 79
i think that i misspelled the 2nd guys name so i hope that i dont confuse anyone.

hello. I usually hang out in the philophosy threads but i have dared to emerge into the basic physics forums becuz of something i read. it said that Newton in the 17th century proved that space exist. in the 19th century some guy with a last name that i remeber as mach (could be mark or march ) said/proved that space doesnt exist at all. then einstien revolutionized the question by combining the 2.

could someone plz post a couple of websites that will serve as some extra help for me. i am reading brian greene's book the fabric of the cosmos (just began it) and would like to explore what he said in the first chapter more. plz keep these websites on a basic lvl.

thank you for your time/posts.
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