Small Wright Flyer - How to make it work?

by Ariel Ace AD
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Ariel Ace AD
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Nov3-11, 11:11 AM
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Hello guys :) This is the first thread am posting here. I'm just a school student studying 10th std. But am greatly interested in aeronautics and collected some info. As i surfed through the net, i came across this link : Just for fun, i teamed up with my friend and are in the verge of completing the model. But in this link, that model is just for display. But any one has any ideas of how to make it workable, if you assume that it has all the motor and propeller facilities? Please suggest ideas. If necessary, i will post its measurements and other things of my created model... Please help me. In what area should i have knowledge to predict if any other models of mine can fly? Please help!
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Nov3-11, 11:49 AM
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I don't understand the question. How workable do you want it? What scale? How will you control it? Will you try to use the actual methods of control they used, or will you use other methods?

What you want to do will greatly affect what you need
Ariel Ace AD
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Nov4-11, 08:34 AM
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Well actually, i don't want to control it... It should simply have the motors and its wings should be able to support it and produce lift. Basically, its just like a glider, but motorised. No controlling things and all...

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