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Need help getting started

by lefthand
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Nov22-11, 02:48 PM
P: 8
this here is the problem....

Use the equations below. (Note that the direction is indicated by the sign in front of the equations.)
x = (0.0553 m) cos(4.094t + 0.14π)

v = −(0.226 m/s) sin(4.094t + 0.14π)

a = −(0.927 m/s2) cos(4.094t + 0.14π)

(a) Determine the first time (t > 0) that the position is at its maximum (positive) value.

(b) Determine the first time (t > 0) that the velocity is at its maximum (positive) value.

i have no idea where to start, or how to do this.
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Nov22-11, 02:52 PM
P: 950
Position is given by x.

At what angle is the cos(...) maximum?
Nov22-11, 02:55 PM
P: 8
they didnt give an angle. but I'm guessing since we want x to equal what ever number is there, then cos must equal 1 right?

Nov22-11, 03:02 PM
P: 950
Need help getting started

so (0.0553 m) cos(4.094t + 0.14π) is max when cos(4.094t + 0.14π) = 1

that is when (4.094t + 0.14π) = ....?

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