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Bethe-formula VS SRIM for Uran in Polycarbonate

by Swain
Tags: betheformula, polycarbonate, srim, uran
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Nov24-11, 10:23 AM
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Hello everybody,

I investigate polycarbonate foils (makrofol) of 90 μm thickness irradiated by U-ions with a charge of z= +28 and a specific energy of 11.4MeV/nucleon.

My problem is that in the Srim simulations the charge z is not questioned (or needed?), whereas the stopping power (-dE/dx) in the Bethe-formula is proportional to z^2.

I compared the dE/dx values of SRIM ( with the Bethe-Calculator of Sven Geier ( and my own Bethe-calculations, they all vary.

My aim is the Bragg-curve, but therefore i would like to have the correct values/description of the stopping power.

Im sorry for my bad english.
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