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Fried my Hydrogen Spectral Tube

by hawaiifiver
Tags: fried, hydrogen, spectral, tube
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Dec18-11, 10:21 AM
P: 57
Hello to all

Not sure where to put this post, but anyways.....

I bought a spectrum tube power supply, working on 110 V. I got it from America, but the mains power supply here (Europe) is 220 V. I got a voltage converter to convert 220 V to 110 V, because the spectrum tube power supply operates on 110 V. I put a hydrogen spectral tube into my power supply and it worked fine! However I have only used it about three or four times and now it is fried! There are burn marks on the inside of the glass where the metal cylinders are. Can anyone explain to me, whats happened it?

Thank you

PS: The power supply is Elenco STPS-1. Its working fine, because I put in an Oxygen spectral tube into it and it's working the best!
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