Nanoparticles vs Colloids

by tufnatufna
Tags: colloids, nanoparticles
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Dec22-11, 07:32 AM
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Hello everybody I'm not sure if this topic exists but I'm really confused about this thing
I have to write some work about electrostatic stabilisation in nanomaterials and I read a lot but couldn't find anything directly related to nanoparticles.
I found only electrostatic stabilisation in colloids, so I'm not sure if nanoparticles could be considered as colloidal system. Could anyone define me how the colloidal systems are related to nanomaterials?

Thank you very much
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Jan17-12, 08:32 AM
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A collection of nanoparticles dispersed in some media is a colloidal system. Nanoparticle is just a fancy new name, a bit overused to make grant applications look more attractive.

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