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Question on wave functions

by jfarhat747
Tags: wave functions
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Jan17-12, 08:45 PM
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Is it true that the wave function of a particle is a probability wave related to its position?( probability wave for lack of a better terming/understanding)

And if it does give any form of insight on its position, could this be related to the uncertainty principle in any way? Meaning could this insight give more info on a particles position/momentum then was previously thought?
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Jan17-12, 10:35 PM
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your question is very fundamental and basic, check the wiki on wavefunction.

the wavefucntion is a function of the phase space -> like position
the interpertation is not agreed upon but you can think of it as probabily density of finding the particle (matter) at some position.

yes it obeys the heisenberg uncertainty or equivalenty you can derive that principle form the equation of motion the waveuction obeys

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