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Need some help understanding Hertz–Knudsen formula

by EcoNewtonian
Tags: formula, hertz–knudsen
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Feb12-12, 04:17 PM
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I'm Working on understanding the growth of snow crystals and came across this as a way to calculate the velocity of growth normal to the plane of the crystal facet.
vn. = α csat csolid r kT. 2πm σsurf. and called it the Hertz–Knudsen formula which I looked up as F = P / (2∏mkT)^1/2

Terms are from

how are these equal to each other?

and is this:
Velocity of Growth= α((csat/csolid*kT/2πm) *(σsurf)) = α(Vkin *σsurf) the correct Excel expression. Thanks for your help everyone.
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