energy of photon

by sharma_satdev
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Feb20-12, 02:24 AM
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please let me know if there is comprehensive proof of the Plancks energy relation for photon
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Feb20-12, 02:57 AM
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Comprehensive proof? You ask for something not available in all of science. Here's an example: Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity has NEVER been contradicted by any far. Is this comprehensive proof that the SR is correct? NO. But, so far it satisfies every scientific test known to man, so we accept it as "true". Tomorrow, however, some scientific experiment may contradict it and we'd have to reassess our whole body of science. And we would.

Until then, you may as well accept Planck's energy for a photon.
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Feb20-12, 05:07 AM
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zingmobile, Please notice the three websites in post #2 above. If you click on each one you will find explanations and examples of how the energy of a photon is determined. Once you have visited those sites and studied them, then, if you have doubts or questions, come right back here and ask away...folks here are ready to help you learn about science.

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